Saturday, March 21, 2009

just some thoughts

Aghhh...I know there are people following this blog and some are asking `'where are the pictures'
i am going to get those posted after we return.  Realistically it will be the first week of `April.. i am going to catch up on this.  I told Lucy it is like having a job while on vacation.  Plus we flew to Doha yesterday...and i will write and explain all that.  hoping to do it tonight.  I am having a bit of a difficult time because I am typing on an Arabic computer.  It doesn't have `''enter'  printed on it, or anything i will get this figured to read everything and know what `i'm doing....but hang in there...more is coming...and it is so wonderful you won't want to miss it...we are leaving now for the camel races....will write so much sorry i can't keep up on a daily basis....but i am taking notes and photos....will finish up a lot of this tonight...right now it is 9am, karen

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