Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday, March 13th - Friday in Dhahran

Yesterday was Friday, March 13th. As I said before, in the Middle East the weekend is Thursday and Friday. So yesterday we went to church with the Larsen's at 10:30. The Dhahran ward still meets in the Band Room at the 3rd street school. The people that were there that we knew were Rich and Dora Hunter, Sue and Dave Alexander, Bonnie Cook and her family, and Ramon Marcelino and his wife. It was great to be there among that small group. I remembered sitting on the back row in the corner nearest the door. I suddenly remembered when Lindsay was about 2 (Kennedi's age) and she would act up and we would take her out and let her run up and down the halls of the school. It is so bizarre how many things are coming back to me. Names I haven't remembered in years. The other day we drove by the house that Barbara Schoenholtz used to live in. I remembered exactly where we used to park when we went to church, when we went to the Hills Pool, when we went to the movies, etc. Anyway, it was great seeing everyone, and we had a group picture made with those who were the "old timers". After church we came back to the Larsen's and had dinner, and Sue Alexander stopped by and visited with us. Then Lucy and I left with Sue and went over to her house and visited with her and Dave. Then Sue took us over to the Hunter's and we visited with Rich and Dora and saw all their family photos taped all over their kitchen cabinets. I didn't know that Jake is a father to twin girls, age 2, named Bella and Lilly (I'm pretty sure that's right) and they are expecting a little boy soon. Then Dora brought us back to the Larsen's to spend the night. Sue Alexander drove us around camp to take photos. Seriously, I have taken more photos in the time I've been here than I took in 10 years. Actually, when I lived here most of my pics consisted of my kids' birthday parties and activites in our home. I have never taken so many pictures of the culture and people of the country. Back when we lived here we couldn't take pictures without getting into trouble. I have my camera with me constantly. Friday we took a break from all the planned activites and spent that time visiting friends.

This is Lucy: Friday WAS a special day of rest and I couldn't believe the Ward is still meeting in the 3rd Street School bandroom. Everything is smaller than I remember. Going downh Peninsula Road I remembered our family driving in our red Mazda on the way to church and singing, "Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning". It was so good the take the Sacrament and there was a wonderful spirit in the talks and the whole meeting. The Church is the same the world over. The lady who gave the closing prayer had just come from Queen Creek, AZ where she'd been visiting her daughter. Small, small world.


  1. Ok I am finally caught up on your blog. So much to read, but I find it so interesting. I am probably one of the only kids to remember a lot of that small stuff too (like places, where we parked, the band room, etc.) I bet you are LOVING your decision to go on this trip!!!

  2. BTW I didn't know Jake had twin girls either. That is so crazy! I am sure they will have their hands full with another on the way!!

  3. Mom, yes, I am reading your blog, but there is a lot of reading to do. I remember a lot of what you are writing about, but I don't know if I would want to go back. I think I would like to remember it how it was when we were there. So, are you planning on coming to Portland on your way back? You'd mentioned that before, but I wasn't sure how long you plan on being here. Jessica and I would like to show you our house if possible.